Dall•E to NFT

So, how does Dalle2NFT.com work?

Dalle2NFT can mint an NFT out of any Dall•E generation. You just provide a link to a published generation, we upload it to IPFS and after making sure everything is correct - you press Mint and it appears in your wallet. Simple as that!

Is it secure?

DalleNFT ERC721 contract is deployed on Ethereum Mainnet and verified on Etherscan:


After uploading the metadata (picture + other data) to IPFS and NFT Mint - nothing can be changed, ever. It's stays on-chain forever. Owner of the contract doesn't have any permissions to the NFTs created - they all belong to corresponding minters and they retain all the rights - to hold, sell or transfer them.

Is it free?

Yes! You just need to pay Ethereum gas for the Mint transaction - it's around 150k gas, so relatively cheap (at gas price of 20gwei it costs around 5$ per mint, assuming ETH at $1800).

Right now Dalle2NFT fees are zero, but the contract owner has a right to introduce minting fees after some time, but they will be proportional to gas paid, so it will be just several percent of your gas.

Who can mint?

Anyone can mint any Dall•E generation - because there is no way to check that an Ethereum address belongs to the Dall•E account.

Also, each Dall•E creation can be minted only once - so if you really want to retain the ownership of your creations - hurry to mint them, before someone else didn't! But the NFTs themselves will always show who the original Dall•E author was, no matter which wallet holds them.

Can I name my creation?

Yes! Before uploading the metadata to IPFS and minting you have a chance to give your Dall•E some meaningful name, instead of DalleNFT #QnpGrL88inDDRfVR6jl2NknY. Please use this chance, cause once it minted - the name cannot be changed.

My NFT doesn't appear on OpenSea... why?

Give it a minute. Etherscan and OpenSea IPFS cache doesn't update instantly. But usually after 5-10 minutes everything appears.

Also, OpenSea don't support Görli testnet, so only NFTs minted on Mainnet will appear.

What's the deal with signed mint?

For now, the contract works in a mode when a server signature is required to mint an NFT. It is done so to guarantee that only Dall•E generations are minted (because we verify IPFS uploaded metadata to 100% correspond to Dall•E on the backend). Otherwise, anyone could upload anything to IPFS and mint it with our contract - which doesn't have to be Dall•E images, not even images at all.

In the future there might be ways to do this in a decentralized way, but for now the signatures are generated by our backend.